Over the past month, I’ve been receiving radiation therapy across my shoulders and chest to treat a number of skin cancers.

My prognosis for recovery is very good, but I’ve reached a point in recent days where I’m struggling with the physical effects of the treatment – such as fatigue and pain.

My ability to fulfill my responsibilities to the Government, the stakeholders I represent and my Eastern Metropolitan electorate to the degree that is acceptable to myself is being compromised.

I will be taking leave for the next four weeks, which – all going well – coincides with the end of my treatment period.

While I am away, can I thank Luke Donnellan, who will be acting Minister for Veterans, and Mary-Anne Thomas, who will be acting Minister for Local Government and Suburban Development.

I look forward to returning in a healthy state and continuing on with the important initiatives in my portfolios and representing the Eastern Metropolitan Region in the Legislative Council.

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