About Shaun

Shaun was elected to the Victorian Parliament as the Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region in the November 2006 Election and was re-elected in 2010, 2104 and for a fourth term in November 2018.

An electrician by trade, Shaun has worked for a variety of organisations in this capacity and later with the Electrical Trades Union.

As well as his electrical qualifications Shaun holds a Diploma of Community Services and has a keen interest in the education and retention of apprentices.

Born in Oakleigh, Shaun was only young when his father, a bricklayer who fought in New Guinea in WWII, passed away leaving his mother, a nurse, to work night shift to raise their family of eight children.

Whilst working as a tradesman Shaun has been through periods of unemployment due to the nature of the industry. He understands the challenges of supporting a family in that situation and is now working hard to stand up for working families.

From 2014-18 Shaun served in the Andrews Labor Government as Parliamentary Secretary to the Special Minister of State and Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure.

Shaun was elected as the President of the Legislative Council on the first sitting of theĀ 59th Parliament on Wednesday 19 December 2018, a position he occupied until he was promoted to the Andrews Government Ministry.

Shaun is now Minister for Local Government, Minister for Suburban Development and Minister for Veterans.

Shaun is married with two adult daughters.