Shaun Leane

Member for Eastern Metropolitan region
Minister for Local Government
Minister for Suburban Development
Minister for Veterans


An electrician by trade, Shaun has worked for a variety of organisations in this capacity and later with the Electrical Trades Union.

Born in Oakleigh, Shaun was only young when his father, a bricklayer who fought in New Guinea in WWII, passed away leaving his mother, a nurse, to work night shift to raise their family of eight children.

As Minister for Local Government, he is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Local Government Act 2020 and governance issues in councils.

As Minister for Suburban Development his portfolio undertakes activities to promote economic activity and creating vibrant local communities in the Melbourne metropolitan area such as the Suburban Revitalisation program.

As Minister for Veterans Shaun is particularly keen to promote programs which improve post-service employment for veterans in Victoria and to support veterans with housing opportunities and wellbeing programs.