A new agreement between the Andrews Labor Government and Victoria’s teachers will see quality teaching and professional development back on the agenda.

As well as providing extra support for teachers, the new Schools Enterprise Bargaining Agreement also ensures better conditions for education support staff and gives principals the recognition they deserve.

Reached as part of negotiations with the Australian Education Union, the four year deal will see the creation of 3000 new learning specialist positions.

These positions will give our best and brightest teachers the option to advance their careers, without them having to leave the classroom. These specialist teachers will also provide ongoing support, advice and mentorship to other teachers.

The agreement also gives at least 2,500 teachers and 5,000 Education Support Staff certainty, by moving them from contract to permanent roles. It’s a change that will deliver the security that many of us take for granted, including being able to apply for a mortgage or a car loan.

Education support staff – the professionals who support teachers and work one-on-one with students who need extra support – will also be given a much needed boost. Under the new agreement, around 65 per cent of the state’s support staff will receive an additional bump in their wage.

The agreement also recognises the importance of principals as school leaders, the long hours they work and the enormous contribution they make to improving student outcomes.

Principals will receive a 4% pay increase per year, as well as further restructuring of principals’ pay classification.

All teachers and education support staff will receive a 3.25% pay rise annually for the life of the agreement. This change will see Victorian teachers paid more than their NSW counterparts.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Education James Merlino

“The new agreement means our best and brightest can remain in the classroom, without having to hit pause on their teaching careers. Importantly, it will also allow them to share their experience and work alongside other teachers.”

“We’re making sure that we have the best teachers in the classrooms so every child gets a great education.”

Quotes Attributable to the Minister for Industrial Relations Natalie Hutchins

“Quality teaching means a quality education for our kids. This agreement reflects our priorities, it’s a win for schools, for teachers, for parents and for students.”

It recognises the hard work of some of the lowest paid staff – and importantly it’s another EBA delivered without a single day of industrial action.”