Matthew Guy has announced that he wants to split communities in Templestowe causing traffic chaos.

Bereft of ideas and with his leadership under siege – the best Matthew Guy can come up with is half baked thought bubble to remove a handful of traffic lights – simply shifting traffic down to the next intersection

His plan would ban right turns at the intersections of: Fitzsimons Lane and Porter St, as well as Williamston’s Rd and Foote St – pumping traffic into surrounding streets.

Matthew Guy’s massive underpass would make the intersection a no go zone for pedestrians.

And the most embarrassing part – the “Traffic Light Removal program” doesn’t really remove any traffic lights – By his own admission he’d simply shift existing traffic lights onto off ramps and down the road to even more congestion.

Drawn up on the back of an envelope, this hopeless impersonation of level crossing removals is likely to cost more than the $5.5 billion price tag Matthew Guy is currently spruiking.

But the costs to our community would be much more severe.

While the Liberals talk about infrastructure, we’re building it.

We’re widening the Monash, the M80 Ring Road and the Tulla.

We have removed 11 dangerous and congested level crossings, 17 more will be gone by 2019, with another 22 gone by 2022

And we’re building the congestion busting major road projects that will get trucks out of suburban streets – the West Gate Tunnel and North East Link.

Quotes attributable to Member for Easter Metropolitan Region Shaun Leane MP

“Matthew Guy’s latest notion just pushes the problem down the road.  Under his plan you’ll spend more time in a bigger traffic jam at the next set of lights.”

“This is a poor imitation of our level crossings program. We all know you have to separate roads from rail lines, but the roads are a network – disconnect one and you affect the others.”