Four Level Xings Gone in EMR

MEMBERS STATEMENT – 9 February 2017

Since the last sitting of Parliament, four level crossings have been grade separated out in the east, those being at Scoresby Road, Mountain Highway, Blackburn Road and Heatherdale Road. I want to thank and congratulate the workforce — some 800-plus on the removals at Blackburn and Heatherdale roads and nearly 1000 at peak at the Bayswater removals — for the work that they did during that period. When a lot of us were lucky enough to be able to enjoy the Christmas and new year period, they were working on 24-hour shifts around the clock to be able to achieve what they have achieved.

As late as in recent days two, at Blackburn and Heatherdale roads, were removed, and cars are now travelling over the top of the rail, which obviously leaves suburbs safer, relieves congestion remarkably and makes our rail system much more reliable. Having been down at the Blackburn and Heatherdale crossings on Monday morning for a number of hours speaking particularly to travellers and some motorists, I believe everyone is very happy with the outcome. As I said, it leaves suburbs a lot safer and a lot better.

I just think it is a shame that the opposition does not support the level crossing removal program. It is their choice and it is up to them, but I think it is a mistake that they do not support this program.