Flinders Street Station Restoration Works

MEMBERS STATEMENT – 23 February 2017

Last week I was fortunate enough to have a bit of a tour through Flinders Street station to see the cosmetic works happening on the outside of the building.

This work is progressing quite well. By the end of the project, the facade of the station will be — for one thing — secure and secure for decades come. Also it will be painted in the building’s original colours.

I want to praise Heritage Victoria and Major Projects Victoria for going to the ends they are going to to make sure that the colour match is exact, particularly in relation to the cornices and the facade, as I said. Some of the moulding for the plasterwork is 100 per cent accurate with respect to what it was. It was fantastic to see so many workers on the job, particularly a lot of painters, decorators and solid plasterers, performing this work.

We look forward to the scaffolding coming down next year and the work being revealed. I think it is an iconic building for our state, and for too long it has been left in disrepair. I am very excited that it is to be finished soon, and I am looking forward to having another look before then.