Bringing Road Safety Education to Melbourne Museum

MEMBERS STATEMENT – 22 February 2107

Today I want to acknowledge the work done by the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan, in that there was an important announcement last week that Museum Victoria and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) have formed a partnership to develop the road safety education complex.

This will be located at the Melbourne Museum in Carlton. This will feature a number of initiatives in digital and visual technology aimed at young students, around the year 9 or year 10 age, to really ground them on the importance of road safety early on in their lives. There will also be an outreach facility that will travel to regional areas and to schools where it might be difficult for them to travel into Melbourne which will have very similar technology as well.

I want to thank the task force that has worked on developing this particular complex, along with other young driver safety education program providers, including Victoria Police, the TAC, the Department of Education and Training, VicRoads and many road safety experts.

I have had the honour to chair this task force, and I look forward to the work this year and us actually being able to see this complex and other initiatives start early to mid next year.