North East Link – Planning Commences in Earnest

In December the Premier announced that the Andrews Labor Government would build the missing link in our road network – the North East Link.

The North East Link will finally join-up our freeway network, connecting our growing suburbs in the north, east, and south-east, and providing a direct route from the east to the airport.

It will carry 100,000 cars a day, relieving congested freeways, slashing traffic in the north and east, and taking thousands of trucks off local roads.

This will mean less time in traffic, and more time with friends and family in the north, south, and east, while the Western Distributor busts congestion in the west.

Planning will get underway immediately, with $35 million to kick-start work spearheaded by a new expert North East Link Authority.

The business case, including determining the right route for the road, will be developed by 2018, and the planning and procurement processes will begin that year. Extensive technical, environmental and social investigations will determine the best route for the project, with a key focus on protecting existing urban areas and minimising environmental impacts.

Unlike the previous-Liberal Government who rushed through a botched project, we won’t sign contracts before the next election. We’ll do the work properly, and ensure that the Victorian people can have a say on Victoria’s biggest road project.

Contracts will only be signed, and construction started, under a re-elected Andrews Labor Government following the November 2018 election.

The North East Link has been spoken about for decades, but always put in the too-hard basket.

Infrastructure Victoria have identified it as the most important new project in our transport network. It’s the logical next step in this Government’s rebuilding of our road and rail network.

The Andrews Labor Government will get it done.

Project benefits
• Completes the vital missing link in Melbourne’s metropolitan ring road.
• Provides a safe and efficient freeway connection for more than 100,000 vehicles per day, slashing travel times and halting rat-runs through congested north-south links including Fitzsimmons Lane, Greensborough Highway, Lower Plenty Road, Rosanna Road, Doncaster Road, Springvale Road and through Warrandyte.
• Provides quick and easy access for freight to move between industrial areas around Ringwood, Dandenong, Sunshine, East Werribee and Latrobe and Melbourne Airport.
• Improves access for millions of people to jobs and services located in Melbourne’s north and south-east, including hospitals, education and sporting facilities.
• Creates thousands of jobs during planning, construction and early operation.
• Protects urban areas and environmental assets through tunnelling.

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Map copyright to North East Link Authority.