Level Crossings Removed at Blackburn & Heatherdale Roads

On Monday 6 February 2017 trains will travel under Blackburn and Heatherdale Roads for the first time with the dangerous and congested level crossings now gone.

Following an intensive construction period over the Christmas holidays the main works to separate the rail lines from the roads is complete.

All train services will resume as normal on Monday 6 February. Works will continue around both sites for several more months until all works are fully completed.

To find up-to-date information about the ongoing works and how they may affect you, please visit regularly www.levelcrossings.vic.gov.au.

During the 41-day construction blitz 800 staff excavated 80 Olympic swimming pools-worth of soil and rock to lower the line so trains can safely run under the road for the first time.

Two new pedestrian bridges have been built at Purches Street in Mitcham and Cottage Street in Blackburn, and a third is under construction at King Street/Oliver Avenue in Blackburn, making it quicker and safer to cross the tracks.

The Blackburn and Heatherdale Roads will also reopen to traffic on Monday, free from the boom gates that held motorists hostage for an hour every morning peak.

However, as works progress, some night road closures will be required to complete the road works, landscaping, car parks and other finishing works at the stations which will continue until mid-year.

For more detail about the Labor Government’s plan to reduce congestion, improve safety, run more trains and create 4,500 jobs, visit levelcrossings.vic.gov.au.

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